When choosing a patio or sunroom you want to consider the best choice to meet your needs. How you plan to use the room should determine your choice of materials and size. Choose a sunroom style that is versatile and matches the architecture of your home.

Quality is a critical aspect to consider when choosing a sunroom. Seek a contractor who can demonstrate that they will use quality materials to construct your project. After all, a sunroom is an extension of your biggest investment - your home! Be sure it will provide many years of trouble free use.

Help Choosing A Sunroom From T & D BuildersCOMMON USES FOR A SUNROOM

Sunrooms are the perfect way to use your deck without interference from the weather.

Other sunroom uses:

  • Add extra space to your home
  • Bring the outdoors inside
  • Keep bugs out
  • A place to relax; enjoy the garden
  • Dining area
  • Breakfast room
  • TV / Music Room
  • Family Room
  • Game/Spa room
  • Place for pets or plants
  • Playroom for children, grandchildren
  • Hobby, Crafting or Exercise room
  • Place to work
  • Entertainment area for special occasions, birthday parties or holidays

"We really enjoy the peace and quiet of our sunroom. It's wonderful to be able to look out at the birds, deer, and fox from the comfort of our sunroom."

John D.
Janesville, WI

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First think about how you will use your new sunroom. Then, decide on the best location. Finally, decide on a size that will best fit your needs. Developing a budget may you help answer these questions.

Deciding the optimum location for your sunroom depends on how your sunroom will be used, and on your regional area. Sunlight exposure varies throughout the day and directional orientations will yield different effects. However, most homeowners install their sunrooms to the back of their homes.

Most people use sunrooms for leisure, relaxation, and casual dining. Many sunrooms are built off the kitchen or family room because these are the most often used rooms in the house. Consider the traffic flow of your home when deciding where to position a sunroom.


Understanding the materials that go into a sunroom can help you select the product that is right for you. While aluminum patio and sunrooms have been on the market for decades, vinyl sunrooms have been introduced more recently and tend to cost more.

Think about how your family will use the room, and the climate in which you live. If you plan to heat or cool your sunroom during extreme temperatures, vinyl may be the better choice. Vinyl is strong, durable and thermally efficient offering double pane glass for the best insulation for year-round use. Vinyl extrusions require aluminum inserts to provide strength and rigidity in the posts and beams.

Aluminum provides structural support, is cost-efficient, strong, and light-weight. Aluminum patio rooms utilize single or double pane glass and are commonly used as 3-season rooms. Aluminum is a strong material and can stand on its own.